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Who is a candidate?   Any skin type, any hair color or hair thickness.

Intended Result          Elimination of unwanted hair. I treat above the waist only.

Is It Permanent?          Electrolysis is still the ONLY FDA approved method

                                     available for permanent hair removal.

Fees                             15 minutes is $40

                                     30 minutes is $60

                                     45 minutes is $80

                                     60 minutes is $95

                                     4 hour package is $340. Package will be divided into 15 to

                                     60 minute appointments depending on client's needs.             

Pre & Post Treatment Care

All waxing and tweezing needs to be stopped prior to treatment due to the fact that you are physically removing the hair and if the unwanted hair is not visible above the skin you are simply delaying treatment.

Shaving is permitted prior to the initial treatment and to manage the hair growth between treatments. Initially 3 to 4 days of hair growth prior to treatment will provide enough length of hair for proper treatment. Some clients have such a fast growth rate that they are able to shave the day prior and still have a successful treatment. Basically, if the hair is visible above the skin, and it can be removed with tweezers following treatment, that will suffice.

Exposure to UV rays, whether natural sunlight or tanning bed, should be avoided for 24 to 48 hours following an electrolysis treatment. Sunblock is applied immediately following treatment for your protection.

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