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Shirley Isenhower Makeup Artist

​Give yourself the gift of freedom from applying eyeliner, brow pencil or lip color each and every day.

I highly recommend having permanent eyeliner to free up your makeup application while enhancing your appearance. You decide how fine or dramatic you want your line to look. There are an array of color choices from a softer brown or grey to a deeper charcoal or black.

For those who are brow challenged with either barely there brows or simply too light to see the permanent brows are also a way to make a nice difference in your daily appearance. Imagine waking up with your brow already applied and not being afraid of smudging them throughout the day.

No matter what you may choose you will be so happy you took the plunge and gave yourself this gift. For those of us who are constantly in a time crush you will be amazed the savings in time you have found for yourself.

Shirley has been providing micro pigmentation (permanent makeup) services for 15+ years with many satisfied customers.  Call or text Shirley at 402-9929 to schedule your consultation and start your journey to freedom from makeup.

Microblading which gives the appearance of hair strokes is also on Shirley's menu.

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